A brief entry about my bag

Sitting in Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Gate A13, direct flight to Houston, Texas — KIAH. Transferring to Air China, direct Beijing, China — ZPEK. Onwards to Shenyang, China from there — ZSHE — after a difficult transfer through customs and another run through security.

This is the “lightest” I’ve ever traveled, and I have to say, it is quite liberating. 1 checked luggage under 50lbs and a carry-on backpack. “High speed, low drag.” The reprieve from stress associated with heavy packing is non-existent. I’m not juggling belongings or corralling bags. This is the way to travel. This is the way to do it.

The real gem of this situation is my carry-on backpack. It’s arguably the best general-use bag I’ve ever owned: the Peak Design Everyday Backpack, 30L. I’d be hard-pressed to make a trip in this configuration with anything else. I’ve never had a bag so versatile or capable of hauling so much equipment, and its lightweight and small size is phenomenal.

Inside my pack I carry the following:

• 1x 15” Apple MacBook Pro

– Wall charger

• 1x Apple 10” iPad Pro

– Logitech case & keyboard combo (what I’m typing this on)

• 1x Apple iPhone 8 Plus

– Wall charger & wall plug-in

• 1x Pentax K1 DSLR

– SMC Pentax-FA* 24mm F2 AL [IF

– SMC Pentax-FA 35mm F2 AL

– SMC Pentax-FA 43mm F1.9 Limited

– SMC Pentax-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro

– 3x K1 batteries

– Battery wall charger

• 1x Western Digital My Passport External USB Hard Drive 4TB

• 1x Pelican SD Case filled with SD cards

• Lens wipes

• Hand sanitizer

• Sanitizing wipes

• Sanitary wipes

• Microfiber cloth

• Hair clippers

– Stand & wall charger

• Air blower

• Pens

• Clips

• Elastic bands

• Gaffer’s tape

• 3x Kind snack bars

• A bag full of Reeses for my friend Ricky Molnar

• My girlfriend’s steam mask machine

• Bluetooth headphones

– Micro USB Charger

All that, and I’m still probably forgetting some things. This bag is amazing.