Olympus being refurbished


I recently picked up a 35mm film SLR, an Olympus OM-1N — known as the “Leica of SLRs.” It’s in brilliant condition, and includes 3 Zuiko lenses in equally brilliant condition.

The very first model was presented at Photokina in Cologne in 1972 and was called the Olympus M-1. Thirteen years earlier, the release of the Nikon F had made the 35 mm SLR the standard choice for professionals accustomed to Leica and other rangefinders, but it had driven the market towards heavy and bulky cameras. The Olympus M-1 changed this and with it began a reduction of size, weight and noise of the 35 mm SLRs. It was designed by a team led by Yoshihisa Maitani, who had already created the Pen and Pen F cameras, noted for their compactness.

I’ve really been wanting to get into analog photography, going back to the roots and shooting on film. There really is something special about it, a burned record onto a physical object… it’s quite magical to think about it, and it carries it’s own life to it. Like condensing that moment of time, still alive. It has so much more depth and beauty to it than digital, in my mind. And I believe the Olympus will be an excellent vehicle to capture those moments.

Currently it’s been sent off for an overhaul, with an estimated turn-around of about eight weeks. It should return cleaned, calibrated and almost factory-new! I can’t wait to start running through these rolls and exploring!

Until then, I’ll be working on getting into the local community college.