Monday, April 27

Yeserday was very unevenful. I slept in, woke up, got dressed, grabbed my camera and went walking around the city. I was going to try and do some urban exploration, but I soon realized that I almost got myself lost, so I retraced my steps and decided it better to just explore along more familiar routes.

I fought through crowds of parents and family members waiting outside of one of the elementary schools to pick up their children and got lunch at an inexpensive noodle restaurant before leaving to take more pictures.

Eventually I made my way to Leo’s where I spent the majority of the evening drinking and socializing with Leo, Max, and a new friend I met named Jasson (who speaks quite good English). I had a wonderful time, and Leo invited me to eat with him and the staff at the restauarnt towards closing. It was a delicious meal.

Around 9:30 I said my goodbyes and left to walk home, taking some long exposures of cars driving down the road on the way. I missed an amazing opprotunity to take a shot because I misinterpreted the settings on my camera due to the nature of the real-time preview on the LCD back. I went to take the shot, which looked perfect on the preview, not realizing that the shutter-speed was set to “bulb” with a 30 second timer set. By the time the shutter closed and I had corrected my camera’s settings, the shot was gone.

I spent the entire drunken walk back home bemoaning that lost exposure, and thinking about how much more difficult it would have been to mess that shot up with a traditional film SLR.

Anyway, pictures posted below.

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