A brief entry about my bag

Sitting in Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Gate A13, direct flight to Houston, Texas — KIAH. Transferring to Air China, direct Beijing, China — ZPEK. Onwards to Shenyang, China from there — ZSHE — after a difficult transfer through customs and another run through security.

This is the “lightest” I’ve ever traveled, and I have to say, it is quite liberating. 1 checked luggage under 50lbs and a carry-on backpack. “High speed, low drag.” The reprieve from stress associated with heavy packing is non-existent. I’m not juggling belongings or corralling bags. This is the way to travel. This is the way to do it. Continue reading “A brief entry about my bag”

Inspiration and stagnation.

In almost a week from writing this (12/2) I will be on an airplane on my way back to the Middle Kingdom. I’m excited to be returning to visit familiar faces and familiar places, although apprehensive about flying on a Chinese carrier. I’ve heard more than a few “horror stories” regarding the domestic maintenance standards of the People’s Republic. Oh well; Hard to beat those ticket prices ($1,100 round-trip)! In the meantime I’ve been finishing up this semester, focusing on finals, and, more important, been assembling my photographic kit. Continue reading “Inspiration and stagnation.”

2017/11/14 — It’s been a long time…

Hello, world. A lot has changed since my last posting to this blog. In fact, for a long period of time there, my blog here had ceased to exist. At any rate, it’s back and so am I. It would take too long to go over all the changes that have happened since my time in China so I’m not going to go into great detail in order to recap all that has happened. Instead, I’m just going to summarize and do my best to resume normal posting, starting with today.

Continue reading “2017/11/14 — It’s been a long time…”