18:03: Sitting in a taxi on my way to the new M3 to get dinner with my former boss. She is objectively the best person I have ever worked for. She even tried to hook me up with an apartment when she heard I was coming into town, and insisted on furnishing it with new […]


16:43: Woke up at the crack of dawn, not that I wanted to. My body just wouldn’t let me sleep. An upset stomach and a mild hangover kept me from sleeping-in. My girlfriend’s parents were already waking up at this point and beginning to make breakfast anyway, so sleeping in probably wasn’t on the table […]


11:26: I left my girlfriend’s father’s sweltering apartment around 10:00, out into the bitter cold of Fushun in December. It’s the same city I always remembered. Two years later and the same things are under construction. Not much has changed except the people. I love this place.

Houston, Beijing

In the early morning darkness of December 11th our Boeing 777 lumbered into Beijing’s “Capital International Airport”. The sun was hours from rising and the temperature was below zero.  While the city of Beijing was lit and sprawling for all the eye could see, the massive airport sat eerily quiet, almost abandoned. No flights were […]

A brief entry about my bag

Sitting in Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Gate A13, direct flight to Houston, Texas — KIAH. Transferring to Air China, direct Beijing, China — ZPEK. Onwards to Shenyang, China from there — ZSHE — after a difficult transfer through customs and another run through security. This is the “lightest” I’ve ever traveled, and I have to say, […]

Inspiration and stagnation.

In almost a week from writing this (12/2) I will be on an airplane on my way back to the Middle Kingdom. I’m excited to be returning to visit familiar faces and familiar places, although apprehensive about flying on a Chinese carrier. I’ve heard more than a few “horror stories” regarding the domestic maintenance standards […]

The Great Firewall of China — And How to Avoid It

The internet in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is fairly heavily regulated in regards to content and networks. Almost everyone in the West is aware of this and it is often cited as a sort of damning evidence against the Chinese state in efforts to vilify the government as some sort of oppressive, totalitarian […]

Thoughts on aesthetics and styles.

Style is important, and it’s something that I’ve struggled to really nail down for a while now. A consistent, unique style. I love the process of taking pictures, I love the act of photography… but when it comes to post-processing and modifying my images along a certain aesthetic, I have no real eye for the […]