Thursday, April 23

Today was fairly uneventful. China is becoming the new normal, and things are starting to lose their original fascination and luster. The wonder is turning to the mundane, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m getting around a lot better, I’m far more confident in general, and feel far better equipped to handle the obstacles presented by daily life.

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Recapping the last few days.

The last few days have been very busy, full of experiences. On Sunday I spent the day at M3 watching classes with different teachers, and was finally able to spend some time with Adam and get to know him better. So far all of the teachers and staff at the schools are absolutely wonderful, and the children are great. It’s amazing to see how firm of a grasp these young kids already have on English.

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Laowai still kicking.

I’ve been so busy as of recent, and experiencing so much, it’s difficult to sit down and force myself to type out blog posts when all I want to do is relax and sleep when I get into my apartment. I have quite a bit written, and was thinking of releasing a 2-part post, but decided instead to just finish it tomorrow when I find the time and upload it in it’s entirety.

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Night 2

Sitting here in my slightly-less-cold apartment with two “genuine” Budweiser tallboys and some Chunghwa cigarettes. China is strange, very quirky, very foreign, but also very neat and highly interesting. I had another teacher guide me through parts of the city today, and it was a really awesome experience walking the streets. You get stared a lot a lot — Fushun is not a first-tier city, and was never built to accommodate foreigners. There is nothing touristy or international about this city, it is a very “Chinese” city, and foreigners are apparently a rarity.

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Watched a guy on a bicycle get hit by a car on the way in from the airport. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such poor drivers and such crazy roads before. Finally arrived to my apartment. The accommodations are less-than-stellar, but I wasn’t necessarily expecting much from the start anyway. It’s not small: 2 bedroom 1 bath.. it’s just kind of crappy. There is a page taped up to the wall informing me that any foreign teachers departing China need to take their passport to the local police station and will be “fined” 2,000RMB. I don’t know what that’s about, and I’m pretty certain it’s nonsense considering China doesn’t require an exit-visa for departing foreigners.

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Made it to Shanghai

Sitting here at Shanghai-Pudong International Airport on the really bad Chinese WiFi that blocks most Western services I am accustomed to. Other than losing my luggage due to a delayed flight out of Charlotte-Douglas International, the trip has been pretty tame. About to board my flight to Shenyang on a Chinese airline. It will be interesting to see how that that is. I’ll be uploading photos later.