Watched a guy on a bicycle get hit by a car on the way in from the airport. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such poor drivers and such crazy roads before.¬†Finally arrived to my apartment. The accommodations are less-than-stellar, but I wasn’t necessarily expecting much from the start anyway. It’s not small: 2 bedroom 1 bath.. it’s just kind of crappy. There is a page taped up to the wall informing me that any foreign teachers departing China need to take their passport to the local police station and will be “fined” 2,000RMB. I don’t know what that’s about, and I’m pretty certain it’s nonsense considering China doesn’t require an exit-visa for departing foreigners.

There is no heat in the apartment currently, but there is a radiator. I’m not sure how to turn it on, it’s quite cold in here. The bed is simple, with some basic linens provided and a comforter. I’ll be getting real intimate with that comforter soon. At least it’s supposed to get warmer here.

Either the apartment was decorated for a female or a female lived here previously — everything is pink, feminine. I’ll have to change that.

My suitcases were lost by Delta but are (according to them) sitting in Shanghai international airport somewhere. They’ve told me they are investigating and will “coordinate” with China Southern Airlines to get them transferred to Shenyang or shipped directly to my current apartment.

The outlet converter I purchased to power my laptop and other Western electronics is faulty by design and won’t accept my Apple charger or the charger for my Fuji camera. So as it currently stands I’m without my laptop, which means I am also without my photo-editing software and my music. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that.

I don’t know how to feel. I’m definitely home-sick. Everything seems pretty surreal. This is nothing like back home, there is nothing really familiar.

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  1. Ni hao, John,
    your uncle peter here. have enjoyed reading your blog so far….great summaries, and keep it on …..I am behind reading 2 postings, but need to go to pick up grand daughter Anna and will get back on to elaborate later. Your writings are well done, and your command of English is
    very good.
    Remember, yep, being homesick is a normal and natural reaction. I found focusing on the now and with a view to the near term future good. Keep busy, build friends, learn more of the language…more of the history. Some day when you have a little trip time, you may want to see what was called Port Arthur…and the site of the Japanese defeat of the Russian Royal Navy.
    This had big consequences later on. Lots of history out there….but in Beautiful Country we studied stuff like the War of the Roses.
    I have read a lot about China and East Asia in general, and will check on that later. many will not be available in China..
    best wishes,
    uncle peter

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