Laowai still kicking.

I’ve been so busy as of recent, and experiencing so much, it’s difficult to sit down and force myself to type out blog posts when all I want to do is relax and sleep when I get into my apartment. I have quite a bit written, and was thinking of releasing a 2-part post, but decided instead to just finish it tomorrow when I find the time and upload it in it’s entirety.

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Night 2

Sitting here in my slightly-less-cold apartment with two “genuine” Budweiser tallboys and some Chunghwa cigarettes. China is strange, very quirky, very foreign, but also very neat and highly interesting. I had another teacher guide me through parts of the city today, and it was a really awesome experience walking the streets. You get stared a lot a lot — Fushun is not a first-tier city, and was never built to accommodate foreigners. There is nothing touristy or international about this city, it is a very “Chinese” city, and foreigners are apparently a rarity.

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Watched a guy on a bicycle get hit by a car on the way in from the airport. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such poor drivers and such crazy roads before. Finally arrived to my apartment. The accommodations are less-than-stellar, but I wasn’t necessarily expecting much from the start anyway. It’s not small: 2 bedroom 1 bath.. it’s just kind of crappy. There is a page taped up to the wall informing me that any foreign teachers departing China need to take their passport to the local police station and will be “fined” 2,000RMB. I don’t know what that’s about, and I’m pretty certain it’s nonsense considering China doesn’t require an exit-visa for departing foreigners.

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Made it to Shanghai

Sitting here at Shanghai-Pudong International Airport on the really bad Chinese WiFi that blocks most Western services I am accustomed to. Other than losing my luggage due to a delayed flight out of Charlotte-Douglas International, the trip has been pretty tame. About to board my flight to Shenyang on a Chinese airline. It will be interesting to see how that that is. I’ll be uploading photos later.