My name is John Bennett.

I am an American pilot, photographer, polemicist, and ideator. I have backgrounds in civil aviation, web design and front-end development, digital and analog photography, content or campaign ideation, human resources recruitment, and English language acquisition. I have interests in aesthetics, utility design, Mandarin Chinese, geopolitics, and philosophy.

This is my personal website which primarily includes a collection of various works across different mediums.

All initial contact should be made via e-mail: john.bennettw@gmail.com
Copies and services available via request.


“A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).”

Houston, Beijing

In the early morning darkness of December 11th our Boeing 777 lumbered into Beijing’s “Capital International Airport”. The sun was hours from rising and the temperature was below zero.  While the city of Beijing was lit and sprawling for all the eye could see, the massive airport sat eerily quiet, almost abandoned. No flights were …

A brief entry about my bag

Sitting in Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Gate A13, direct flight to Houston, Texas — KIAH. Transferring to Air China, direct Beijing, China — ZPEK. Onwards to Shenyang, China from there — ZSHE — after a difficult transfer through customs and another run through security. This is the “lightest” I’ve ever traveled, and I have to say, …